Preloved Logo and Branding
Coporate Identity package
Note: Even though there is a real company named Preloved and this project is based on them, it wasn't done for them. This project is a college project that I did, in which we redesigned logos of existing brands and did branding for them Including a style guide.
Taking from the simplicity of the original Preloved logo I kept the same simplicity and cleanliness in my design. Because they are an established brand I didn't want to change the logo much.
Mood board just to get the idea going.
Cover Page of the Style Guide.
Business Card Design. They Come in Red, blue and green. Red, Blue and Green are the main three corporate colors I chose for the brand.
Online shop for the brand.
This is a new font called Preloved M, which I created for the brand based on the new logo and the font the logo was based on. This new font can be used as an alternative to the logo in branding. When ever the font is used the ‘heart’ symbol should be included otherwise the logo should be used with the font. 
Clothing tag and label.
Social media.
I did create some more usages like shopping bags, CD/DVD covers, Storefront, etc too for this project.



Preloved logo was designed for a college project in which we were given a brief to redesign/design logos of existing or imaginary companies. Seve Read More