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 UPDATE 05/06/2016
 Hello colleagues! First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to Behance and its curatorial team for featuring this project into its Graphic Design category. This means a lot to me because I spent endless hours working on this one in particular, learning new 3D modeling techniques and organizing my work methods for totally jump out from my comfort zone. But wait! this one was created last year and I keep on studying on how to improve this kind of crazy enterprises, to offer something a little bit different every time, something that actually feels evolved. I'd like to update this project with something new I have been working on for the last couple of months. Actually I implemented this into our last superhero infographic project for the BATMAN v SUPERMAN movie, which I will upload to my portfolio soon. Thinking on how to enrich the experience for the people that kindly pass by for any of my projects, I am adding now 3D viewer embeds, which allow you to explore in a total interactive way from your computer or your mobile devices (VR visualization available too!), any 3D model included into the projects. 
I started with the Iron man bust I used for the Huklbuster model which by the way I have to bring to this kind of visualization, once I find the time :). I hope you guys enjoy this project as much as we did creating it and geeking about it. Cheers!
Please take a look (meanwhile), on the aforementioned 3D interactive models created for the Batman v Superman movie project here:
Back to 2012, the first Avengers movie has a special place on my memories because -aside to be a great flick-, it was one of the first infographic projects I had the chance to put my hands on in this new stage of my life, living and working on this remote land. This first feature (below), was a practical guide of the characters, their powers and skills presented as an equation, a sum of elements and situations that result into the creation of each Avenger. We also included a time line of the previous installments that paved the way for the 'Avengers:Assemble' movie.
By Hugo A. Sanchez, Dwyn Trazo and Sharmeen Khan
Published by GULF NEWS, AL NISR MEDIA, Dubai AUE. www.gulfnews.com
Sources: marvel.com, marvel-movies.wikia.com
Pictures: Courtesy of Disney-Marvel

Hi-resolution version
For the second installment we had to raise the bar and we created a project three times bigger than the first one. The Avengers Age of Ultron: Drawing the lines of war infographic, explores the intricate world of the superhero team, explaining their actual status and establishing their connection lines with other characters and certain situations from previous *MCU movies, taking a look on their powers, technology and cool gadgets on the way. Finally, is included a brief glimpse of what's coming for the Avengers and the MCU on the near future... I hope you enjoy it!
*Marvel Cinematic Universe
By Hugo A. Sanchez and Niño Jose Heredia
Published by GULF NEWS, AL NISR MEDIA, Dubai AUE. www.gulfnews.com
Sources: marvel.com, marvel-movies.wikia.com, Entertainment Weekly
Pictures: Courtesy of Disney-Marvel

Ultra hi-resolution version 
After some brainstorm sessions, we decided to play with the inner-triangular shape of the Avengers logo to divide the overall space. I decided a rough character distribution over the layout, based on the amount of interesting information that could be translated into cool graphics of each Avenger (A). To add other layer of difficulty, we decided to play with colored lines that would connect the relationship between characters, artifacts and situations from previous movies. The 'relationship lines' had to run across the already established Avengers logo inner-triangle (B). While I was playing with the design, creating secondary graphics and writing the information, we were working on the main illustrations using different techniques (see below). Once I had some dummy illustrations, the layout was finally established, just waiting for the final pieces (C).
Production time! 
For this project I decided to avoid the usage of official pictures for the main characters as much as possible to instead produce our own content, different of anything could be published anywhere. For this task, 3D modelling and digital illustration techniques were used to create the Avengers and Ultron. Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design, were the weapons of choice.

3D Models by Hugo A. Sanchez
Digital illustrations by
 Niño Jose Heredia
Check out more of Niño's work here: Ninja's Portfolio

Clint Barton/ HAWKEYE, Natasha Romanoff/ BLAK WIDOW, 
Wanda Maximoff/ SCARLETH WITCH
Tony Stark/ IRONMAN Mark XLIII
Bruce Banner/ THE HULK
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AVENGERS | The ultimate infographic guide

AVENGERS | The ultimate infographic guide

The Avengers Age of Ultron: Drawing the lines of war infographic, explores the intricate world of the superhero team, explaining their actual sta Read More
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