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    Batman is 75! The Dark Knight has evolved over the decades in the different universes of comic books, TV shows, movies and even video games and t… Read More
    Batman is 75! The Dark Knight has evolved over the decades in the different universes of comic books, TV shows, movies and even video games and this infographic project is a look at the man behind the mask, 20 of themost iconic, popular and oddest incarnations, his gadgets and batmobiles Read Less
UPDATE 05/06/2016 
Hello colleagues! First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to Behance and its curatorial team for featuring this project into its Graphic Design category.
Thinking on how to enrich the experience for the people that kindly pass by for any of my projects, I am adding now 3D viewer embeds, which allow you to explore in a total interactive way from your computer or your mobile devices (VR visualization available too!), any 3D model included into the projects. The following, is an sneak peek of the last superhero infographic project we created for the movie Batman v Superman, which I will upload soon to my portfolio. If you want to take a look at the rest of the models please follow this link:
The interactive version is now alive!. Now you can explore in 360 degree views, each one of the Batman versions across the ages we created for this project in fully detailed 3D, just follow this link:
This is how we honour one of the most iconic and beloved heroes of all time. Let's travel through all that makes up the dark knight; the man behind the mask, his allies and enemies, some of his different incarnations across the decades, his legendary weapons
and awesome vehicles.
The supplement's cover
Inside the supplement, the feature runs across 4 spreads
Follow this link for a hi-res version: 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
The amazing arsenal and vehicles across the years
Details, details and more details
Credits: Hugo A. Sanchez, Jose Luis Barros, Seyyed De la Llata, Dwynn Trazo, Niño Jose Heredia, Jacob Hernandez, Nasir Khan, Natalie Long and Nawal Zahzah / ©Gulf News
The evolution of the dark knight
Batman’s overall look has evolved over the decades in the different universes of comic books, TV shows, movies and even video games, resulting in hundreds of different versions. Due to the deadline and the limited space, we selected 20 of the most iconic, popular and oddest incarnations of the caped crusader to create this series of digital sculptures. Enjoy.
Detective Comics #27. All the batsuit features for the years to come were defined: The cowl with pointy ears, a bulletproof vest under a tight suit, a bat shape on the chest, boots and gloves, a cape that works as a glider and the belt.
60's & 70's-THE SILVER AGE
The light blue and grey suit with longer gloves and side fins was used from the1940s, added the characteristic yellow ovalon the chest and bat logo. The utility belt has capsules around it to carry the gadgets Batman needs to fight crime.
1966-68-BATMAN A GO-GO 
Adam West portrayed a not-too-fit caped crusader, wearing a cowl with very short ears and painted eyebrows. The cape, shorts and boots were made of silk and the utility belt carries a gadget to solve any problem at the end of every episode.
Frank Miller (Sin City, 300), introduced an old Batman retired since the death of the second Robin. The cowl with small ears is contrasted by a bulky physique. The introduction of the military style pouches on the utility belt added a realistic touch.
This version of the dark knight created the base for all the movies since. The black rubber suit sacrificed mobility for a strong and intimidating look. The added muscles successfully emulated his counterpart in the comic books.
Gotham by Gaslight belongs to a series of graphic novels called ‘Elseworlds’, where several DC heroes are set in alternate realities. Here, Batman hunts down Jack the Ripper in Gotham. A video game based on the novel was later cancelled but helps to add the steam punk details on the Batman gadgets.
Kelley Jones, artist in the Vampire Batman trilogy and the iconic Batman: Knightfall, created a unique look for the dark knight, as a supernatural being hiding his muscled silhouette under a massive cape with huge ears on the cowl.
After Bane incapacitated Bruce Wayne, Jean-Paul Valley took the mantle of Batman and eventually defeated the villain. Valley designed a mechanical Batsuit with metal claws, razorsharp batarangs (bat-shaped boomerangs), a laser and even a flame thrower.
This suit is remembered as one of the most ridiculous from the films. The idea is based on the previous movies but director J. Schumacher decided to include nipples on an over-muscled shiny vest. Even worse, they used the idea in a fourth film.
Another famous ‘Elseworlds’ graphic novel featured an aged Bruce Wayne who requires a special exoskeleton to move. With the use of combat armour and an army of robots created by him, Gotham City was transformed into a police state.
DC and Marvel joined forces to create Amalgam Comics and merge its popular characters to create new ones in the 1990s. Dark Claw featured the most iconic elements from both heroes; adamantium claws, a dark suit and a cowl with cape.
In the year 2019, the aged hero keeps his crusade using a hi-tech Batsuit, but after a mild heart attack he decides to quit. In 2039 after a series of events, 17-year-old Terry McGinnis becomes Batman under the guidance and wisdom of Bruce Wayne.
What if the man of steel had been raised in the Soviet Union? That’s the premise of Superman: Red Son, a novel which introduces a lethally armed anarchist Batman from Russia, whose parents were killed by the KGB.
The movie explored the long journey of how Bruce became Batman. The Batsuit and gadgets were a combination of prototypes from the applied sciences division of Wayne Enterprises and armoury used in his training with the League of Shadows.
In the second instalment of Christopher Nolan’s movie trilogy, Batman detected the weaknesses of his combat suit and asked Lucius Fox, the chairman of Wayne Enterprises, to improve the design, increase mobility and carry less weight.
In this acclaimed video game, the dark knight uses his detective and fighting skills to the maximum to survive the Joker’s mortal traps. The Kevlar-made batsuit has armoured gloves and boots and the cowl includes a special version of x-ray vision.
During ‘Brightest Day’, a Green Lantern universe event which featured all the DC heroes, Batman received, briefly, a white ring of power from an entity called Deadman. We cannot deny how awesome this totally white version of the caped crusader looks.
2011-THE NEW 52
The artist Jim Lee redesigned the Batman figure for a massive reboot of 52 DC Comics titles. The Batsuit got converted into a hi-tech light armour suit with strong details on the boots and gloves, a stylised utility belt and medium-sized ears on the cowl.
The beloved toy brand creates successful sets based on movies and comic books. Batman made an appearance in the recent Lego Movie with a suit — or painted lines over the standard Lego figure — that emulated the design from the Tim Burton movies.
This sculpt represents what we know so far of Batman in the upcoming film. The overall look hints at the Jim Lee version with a shorteared cowl and Frank Miller’s with a bulky figure, a huge symbol on the chest and with a strongly rumoured grey-blue colour.
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