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    La Capra by The Brand Union Africa
Moving the herd

Something of a maverick in the wine market, the Fairview estate’s pioneering streak is just as famous as it’s 800 strong herd of roaming goats. Having built up a solid business through the premium, on-consumption market and with formidable relationships with restaurateurs, in 2009 Fairview decided to expand their business into the mid-market with a range specially created for retailing via supermarket outlets.
Recognising this shift in consumer purchasing and consumption habits, Fairview realised that such a move was vital for any wine brand with along term outlook. Nonetheless, doing so was a leap into the unknown for the family-run business.

The birth of a new brand

And so, the La Capra brand was born. Creating it involved something of a strategic balancing act – carefully borrowing equity from the prestigious Fairview brand without damaging it, whilst creating a unique and compelling brand story strong enough to challenge the status quo in a competitive marketplace where margins are tight and pressure to promote can ruin profitability.

The solution was an ‘endorsement’ from Fairview for this new brand of wine. Stamping La Capra (Italian for ‘goat’) with the Fairview seal of approval gave consumers the reassurance of quality, whilst differentiating it as an independent brand. Steering away from the ‘cheaper version’ approach taken by so many wineries looking to enter into lower price points, we decided to stay true to Fairview’s challenger brand philosophy and shine a light on the category through storytelling.

A carnival atmosphere

The resulting brand reflects the family’s Balkan heritage, through the theme of a Balkan wine festival. This fun and innovative approach, rarely used in the context of wine, along with the quirky imagery, gives the brand strong shelf presence alongside more conservative options. The endorsement phrase ‘Presented by Fairview’ reinforces the carnival theme and lends credibility to the La Capra name.
We launched with a series of Balkan inspired events including the ‘La Capra’ festival featuring gypsy caravans and traditional Balkan music – and the results speak for themselves. In the space of a year, sales of La Capra grew to match sales of the original Fairview brand, without cannibalisation, increasing total volume sales by more than 30%. What’s more, the brand has become the number two brand of South African wines in the UK, for wines above the £5 price point.