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    The ultimate bank dictionary on how to manage on your own.
S for Skikk & Bank
The Ultimate Bank Dictionary on 
How to manage on your own!
Problem:People tend to stick to the same bank their whole life.  And young people tend to choose the same bank as their parents, unless they find one with an exeptionally competative interest rate – which seldom is the case.    

Challenge:How do we make DnB NOR the bank to turn to when you’re about to establish your first home? How do we get you to pay us a visit? To talk to us face to face.


We made a dictionary. The ultimate book. Everything young people need to know
– stuff that moms, dads and the bank know about life – and money. From A to Z.
All in a solid 208 page book. Including words like: Tax, floating rate, joint ownership, 
dept collection, stain removal, dishwashing, leveling and storing food. 
And we made films promoting the book. Inviting young people to actually come to the bank,and get one. For free.
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DnB NOR - Skikk & Bank"
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Copy: Janne Lysø and Jonas Grønneren
Art Director: Stian Johansen, Lars Kristian Harveg and Marianne Eskeland
Mac-Designer: Terje Johnsen
Design: TRY and Anti
Illustrations: Remi Juliebø
Director: Martin Werner
Bacon Copenhagen