Telenor // Techno Fan

Agency: TRY/Apt
Copywriter: Janne Brenda Lysø & Sigurd Solberg
Art Director: Stian Johansen & Thorbjørn Ruud
Mac Designer: Ole Jakob Skattum
Director: Morten Tyldum
D.O.P: Jon Andreas Andersen
Producer: Guri Neby & Aksel Jermstad
Production Design: Artem London
Digital: Gimpville & Storyline
Client: Telenor Norway
Music: Wombat / Techno Fan
Voice translated from Norwegian:
Mobile coverage used to be about getting hold of the person you called. And that was it. But nowadays coverage is about so much more. It’s about access. Access to experiences, to music, to weather, to films and to friends. It’s about the fact that the bride has got five thumbs up before she’s really married, and that a little bird tells you what’s going on on the other side of the world. Coverage means that you can be at work without actually being there, that your office is where you want it to be. Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but coverage is also about capacity, that lots of people can use their phon
es and everything is still smooth.
Telenor works 24/7 so that you never think about coverage, because when you don’t think about it, it’s perfect.
Behind the scenes