Project: Championship statue design
Location: Budapest // International
Duration: 2014
Design conception: Adam Prokai
Craft designer: Adam Prokai, Előd Halász
Consultant: Réka Lőrincz, Sara Veszprémi
Most of the cultural, social scenes and organizations lack the design and designers.
We believe that if the lives of these organizations also appears in the right talent, and the design, then we can talk about the road to good value cultural society.
The individual initiative BUDOKU a rare presentation of documentary films, which are very complex organization and a very serious effort for it. The design, construction and all of the work as a donation from us to BUDOKU, offers in prepared. In honor of the organizing team. We are proud to work for a high-quality international documentary film festival. And we support a great cultural value.
Thanks for the support of the largest Hungary's conternporary jewelery designer, Réka Lőrincz
Photo: Géza Talabér
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