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Sophisticated Lady
- Sophisticated Lady -
They say into your early life romance came.
And in this heart of yours burned a flame 
A flame that flickered one day and died away 
Then, with disillusion deep in your eyes
You learned that fools in love soon grow wise 
The years have changed you, somehow
I see you now 

Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant, 
Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant 

Is that all you really want? 

No, sophisticated lady,
I know, you miss the love you lost long ago
And when nobody is nigh you cry

inspired by / Duke Ellington Sophisticated Lady
女 孩 告 別 誓 /  Farewell to teen girl years  / 
Sophisticated Lady is one of my theme works was chosen for  join the exhibition at ANHE65 in Taiwan,  2014.
女 孩 告 別 誓 / Farewell to teen girl years /  2014 Exhibition Video

 DIRECTOR : Miss Cyndi  
 MUSIC : Eshowshow,  Mr.XY
ARTIST : Miss Cyndi, Amelie Hsieh , Only two 
POSTER DESIGN : Miss Cyndi  

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Sophisticated Lady

Sophisticated Lady

微 熟 女 標 本 室 Sophisticated Lady self-initiated project.

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