Scout Magazine, a relatively new magazine from Hinge Inquirer Publications, commissioned me to do an artwork for their "Party Issue", Squeaky Clean section. They took me for my collage artworks published here.

Given only a two days to finish the project, I started laying out my scrambled thoughts once I received the article. It's about the effects of the vices of partying on your skin and health in general. I input and omit a lot of elements before going down to my finished concept. In a nutshell, this is just a hodge podge of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs replacing one's skin regimen and leading to cancer.
Scout's identity is mostly grunge and grit; the scrapbook style approach, which fits my collage works really well!
I'm all for the halftone, newspaper-trashy texture. Collages are really fun because the process is a suspense in itself. Your don't know if your concept will actually work so you really ahve to see the big picture.
Look below to see the detailed work.
Thank you!