Anastasia Belomyltseva. Art Director.
Objective: Create awareness about how much music piracy hurts musicians.
Target: Gen Y 16-24 and Gen X 25-45.  Music lovers who are tech savvy and pirate music, but also have the funds to buy it if they feel that is the right thing to do.
Strategy: Bring the human element that target market can relate to into the subject of music piracy and whom it hurts.
Insight: With advanced technology of today starting artists no longer need expensive record companies to produce their stuff. Unfortunately as soon as a good new song appears on iTunes, it is also available on most torrent and piracy sites. Because of this, emerging musicians have little chance to make money from their work, and eventually turn it into a career.
Solution: Through powerful visuals and a strong message inform the target market that music is a career dream for many people, and by downloading music illegally that dream has no chance of becoming a career.
Skills demonstrated: Art direction, Copywriting, Strategy, Illustration.
Credits: Anastasia Belomyltseva-everything.