The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is a one-man collection of Padmashree Late Dr. D.G. (1896 - 1990). The museum is situated in the heart of Pune and has a collection of about 21,000 priceless artifacts, spread over an area of three floors. Upon our visit to the museum, we identified a scope of improvement within the internal communication media used such as signages, artifact descriptions and maps to guide you through. Hence, this whole new system was designed with a new visual language, identity and guidelines. 
The existing identity and wayfinding system was quite old and needed to be revived to give it a new, fresh and appealing look. 
Inspiration - We took traditional Indian patterns and colours as our inspiration. The goal was to keep everything very simple and neat.
The final visual design. The panels have directional signage for various galleries on different floors with the secondary information for drinking water, restrooms, elevators, etc.
Museum Map
The icons were designed to give the museum a modern look. and feel. 
Directional Signage
Due to a different approach implemented by the museum wherein to have a flow in the time periods of the galleries and it's art, they require users to go to the 3rd floor instead of going to the second floor first. After visiting the third floor, the visitors can go the the 2nd floor of Wing A and move to Wing B from there.
Informational Signage
To be placed near the entrance of a gallery.
Identification Signage
Spot Identification Signage
Directional Signage
Information Signage
Signage at a glance
Wayfinding - RD Kelkar Museum