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the danish presidency of the european union 2012
 made at:  idworks as   role:  art direction & graphic design

This was our entry in the competition to design the visual identity for Denmarks presidency of the EU in 2012.

The overall theme of the identity is movement. Movement can be interpreted in many ways, especially in relation to the extensive cooperation of the members of the EU. Movement encompasses ups and downs, progress and breaking free from old habits.

As Denmark is one of the world's leading nations in wind power, it's fitting that the core symbol of the identity emerges from a ribbon, flowing elegantly in the wind. From that ribbon, a stylized swan emerges, instantly evoking association with Denmark. The swan is the national bird of Denmark, and even more importantly, H. C. Andersen's fairytale about the ugly duckling which grows into a beautiful swan is known and loved all over the world.

In the middle ages, the most expensive dye to produce was purple. This meant that purple fabric was reserved for the few who could afford it, which often meant it was worn only by those of royal blood. Indeed, in some kingdoms, it was forbidden for anyone who was not of royal descent to wear purple. This makes purple perfect as the identifying color for the worlds oldest monarchy, Denmark. Coincidently, purple emerges from mixing red and blue, which are the colors of the Danish and EU's flags, respectively.

The clean dynamic lines in the symbol raise associations to wind, water, motion, momentum, openness and cooperation. Coupled with a strong geometric grotesque typeface, Forza, this results in an identity with a strong recognizability, as the soft curves of the symbol contrast against the rectangular lines of the typeface.
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