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    Name, concept and packaging design for a new Scandinavian brand of kitchen and home appliances
Naming and developing a concept for a new Scandinavian brand of household appliances.
Made at: idworks as
Client: Adexi A/S
Role: Concept, AD, graphic design
Description: Launching a new brand on a competitive market is a hard challenge, especially when there is no budget for national tv/print campaigns. The name KHAPP stands for Kitchen & Home Appliances, and was chosen for it's simplicity, both in spelling and pronunciation, it's visual appeal, and of course it's availability. To compensate for the restricted use of POS materials in stores, the packaging design became central to ensuring maximum exposure on the shelfs. In order to boost consumer confidence and willingness to try a totally new brand, we also developed the payoff "Exceeds expectations" and backed it up with an extended 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty, eliminating the psychological risk involved in trying out a new brand for the first time.
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