modo annual report // infographic // editorial design

Studio of Record: Ross Chandler Creative Projects / Creative Director: Ross Chandler

Modo Car is a member based, two-way carsharing coop where you get to jump behind the wheel of a car, truck, van or convertible. If you’re comfortable on 4-wheels, they have a rig for you. Founded in Vancouver, the team behind its rapid growth wanted to deliver their annual report with impact beyond the exciting numbers it contained. That combined with their motto, “Share the Future” set the tone for a forward thinking, anti-corporate graphically designed piece. 

A common challenge when designing annual reports is making the content come alive and be easily consumable by the shareholders. The days of thick, dry, copy heavy bound reports are over. Unless you’re a bank. The Modo Car Annual Report was delivered in two formats. A large format double-sided poster, folded into a six inch square brochure that easily fits into your hand. And an interactive digital PDF that offered a deeper insight as well as embedded videos. // follow us on instagram