• Palmart Bin - Collapsible Container
    The Palmart Bin is a blow moulded pallet based collapsible container that was designed to meet specific needs of the supply chain.
  • Material:              Blow moulded HDPE, Injection moulded Glass Filled Nylon

    Customer:           Pallenz Pallets

    Design:                 Sharp Concepts LTD

    Manufacture:       ES Plastics LTD

    Bin sides can be mounted on either a platform or rackable pallet and collapse down to reduce cost on return freighting.

    Detachable sides required an innovative hinge design with no penetrations or pins inserted into the plastic.

    Sophisticated injection mould style features in the tooling form undercuts and punch-out areas in the product. Four separate parts are created in the tool in one shot using a quadruple blow-pin setup.

    Damaged components can be easily replaced or the whole unit disassembled and recycled.

    Interlocking stacking was required in both erected and collapsed configurations for optimum safety.
  • Interlocking detail allows for stacking
  • Tooling Bolster