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    Soho Store - Ted's Grooming Room Store Concept & Marketing for the Store Opening
Soho Corporate Giveaway with real 7" records, gift tokens for a haircut and shave and iTunes Gift vouchers.
Ted's Grooming Room Condom Design
Close up of print process, Indigo digital white print with black overlay onto Turquoise Colorplan paperstock
Plectrum Design for in store giveaways
Shortlist Advert page design
Data Capture competition and Data capture cards as 7" vinyl designs
Invite for corporates & £10 off flyers for the store opening
Shopfront now open vinyl
Reception Area - Record wall design and record visuals in the reception area.
Store panelling concept and design with large scale Ted baker themed posters placed onto of original Soho club posters
Neon Concept and design
Ted Baker launched in 1987 with an unswerving quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour. Ted’s Grooming Room is a London-based barbers that focuses on these same brand values, offering high-end shaves, haircuts and grooming.
The brief was to create a store theme and relevant marketing campaign for the Soho store relating to the local area and its history. It seemed natural to link it to Soho’s less than salubrious past and Berwick Street’s musical history.
Great fun was had throughout the project, hunting down relevant source materials from local clubs, retro Soho-based publications and vinyls recorded in the area. Through to designing bespoke neon signage to adorn the original brickwork. The Marketing materials fit neatly into the theme, with records, record sleeves, plectrums all with a fifties ‘Barbershop Quartet’ feel.