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    An interactive installation that utilizes the viewer's heart beat to make the artwork function.
This is the first project from my studies in the Digital Fabrication and Design Graduate program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The piece is about self awareness and how we understand our body's essential biological function, heart beat. Other topics that I am interested in are beauty and self-reflection. 
Upon approaching the object, the viewer offered brief instructions describing the process in which they can record their pulse-beat. 
By gently pressing their finger on a infared photo-diode, the viewer can begin to record their pulse beat. As the machine records, the viewer is given the option to play the beat back to themselves. In "play" mode they are allowed to step away from the machine and view their unique heart beat in lights. 
Depending on the speed and strength of the heart beat, the colors of the lights will change. A viewer can leave their heart beat playing, or clear it out.