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    This is a prototype line of earrings. Commissions and custom designs available.
This earring series is an exploration of structure and proportion, and their relationship to the body.  Each pair is asymmetrical which creates a sense of perspective, distance and ultimately a spatial relationship.  Placing the body in between these objects creates an opportunity to visualize the proportional relationship across the surface of the face.  Your eyes naturally draw lines that bisect features and begin to partition the face.   This creates a circuit for your eyes to run through, a circuit that would not exist without the earrings on either side.

These are the initial prototypes for the series.   Each earring is made out of silver, oxidized and hung with a post upon a wearer's ear.
B103 Medium
oxidized silver, 66mm x 22mm x 3mm
 B103 Medium (detail)
  B100 Mediumoxidized silver, 57mm x 27mm x 3mm
 B100 Medium (detail)
 B101 Mediumoxidized silver, 76mm x 22mm x3mm
 B101 Medium (detail)
 C100 Smalloxidized silver, 40mm x 21mm x 3mm
C100 Small (detail)