Minimalism A.I.O. PC
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Minimalism A.I.O. PC
Also a low cost A.I.O.
A.I.O. PC is a young product , most of the A.I.O. on the market are focus on the wide screen size , touch panel and wireless function , it satisfied two different user needs at the same time - Daily work and AV entertainment .   
In this project , we focus on the AV entertainment field , user already have a PC for daily use , our design direction just match there needs - not expensive , large size screen , in the bedroom or home studio , even the game room .

The most expensive part are the step-less hinge & touch screen , we remove those parts and reduce other   appearance parts and trans the cost to the panel for better performance & larger size . 
Concept A
3 step title angle , just change the position of stand . 
Only 3 main parts , front cover , back cover and stand , the stand also provide the wall mount holder function .   
The LED indicator , power switch , audio I/O , USB port can be combined on the same PCB .
21"  display size with PS3 .
Concept B 
The hinge is a ratchet design , provide more steps and convenient usability .