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    Mobile wireless, multi-room speaker system which works with native iOS and Android apps plus PC and Mac computers.
Mobile wireless , multi-room speaker which works with iOS and Android apps plus PC and Mac computers.
Integrated main functions in single button whitch matching with whole clear design , two tone colors and textures provide more choices for personality and posability  .
The AL korus logo badge is semi-transparency material with back light.  
Combine power & mute in one button in logo badge
-First press power button to be power on then logo will be white lighting
-Press again is to be mute function then logo will be flashing white lighting
-Press in 3~5 seconds will be power off and have no lighting for logo
Slide the switch to change the connection between SKAA or BT.
Press vol. + & vol. – at the same time to pair with other device in BT or SKAA and the LED light will be up when success.
In using scenario once the battery energy was low than 30%, have flashing white lighting. 
In charging scenario, will have red lighting and once finish, show white lighting.
Colors & Materials
Single color with two different textures.
Double injection material (rubber/plastic) and metal mesh design.
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