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    My portfolio cover: "El eterno conflicto entre el ser y el parecer" ''The eternal conflict between being and appearance.''
-First a quick sketch, with separate colors to define which part would go on the others to give the effect of relief of a diorama.
- Background (not by me, i found it in google and make it little changes), and back.
- 4 birds/scavengers, representatives of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, the end.
- The triangle crystal, represents the middle ground between the visible and the invisible, the window to another universe, the mind. The heart.
- The absence of the abdomen and stomach, represent famine, rotting skin is plague, the mask is war, and the face is death. The 4 horsemen. 
- Death, the end, who try to dress with who is already dressed.

Eternally, we are in this conflict, we try to be ourselves, or we try to seen like others, who maybe at the same time were not themselves. 

''The eternal conflict between being and appearance''

Josué Macías