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    Little and personal Christmas proyect. Just 3 christmas posters of this little christmas reindeer.
This is an small and personal Christmas proyect.

-Sinceramente No me gusta la navidad-
-Honestly, I dont like Christmas-

Its the typical Christmas situation. We received gifts that we dont like, we feel bad, and forget that the important thing about this, is how fortunate we are to have our loved ones with us. 

These 3 posters are dedicated to friends, colleagues and family. To those who I appreciate and love.
-Honestly I dont like Christmas- 
But I like gifts
-Merry Christmas-
-Honestly I dont like Christmas-
But nothing, Seriously I dont like 
-Merry Christmas-
-Honestly I dont like Christmas-
But I like this friendship
-Merry Christmas-
-Million Thanks to Gin, Adri, Leo and Pao, for the advice and opinions given in the process of these cartoons-
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