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    A series of portraits of dogs in a style reminiscent of rembrandt. Shot for The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London.
At the end of 2014 I was approached by The Battersea Dogs and Cats home about working with them on their new campaign to tackle backstreet breeding here in the UK. The brief was to capture dogs that had been through the ordeal of being over-bred in a dignified and beautiful way. We settled on the idea of photographing them as if they were sitting for a portrait in front of a renaissance painter - each with the same elegant pose. Due to the fact that Battersea don't have a continuous supply of these animals, we had to shoot whenever there were appropriate animals at the shelter. We ended up shooting four times over December and January.
The campaign is now live and up at pretty much every Tube station across London as 16 sheet cross-rail posters, with some 48 sheets up at a few of the bigger commuter stations. Keep an eye out for them and perhaps give your support to Battersea's endeavour by visiting
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