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Animal Lectures #01 Caiman crocodilus
The curtain lifts on an ancient beast. In water, on land he dwells. There is but silence, all is still, no rousing of the ancient. But pause a while and watch, my friend, for from the darkest depths he stirs. If you are patient. If you watch. Slowly, carrying history's weight, the heaviness of time, he rises, and takes centre stage - he is prehistoric, trapped in time, unbound by time, a ruler, a victim, wandering, lumbering through vast centuries.

The ancient bids you welcome, friend. Come one, come all, humans, species, come spirits, too! Feast your eyes on infinity's great actor. Here's our star - don't stand too close; the crocodile lives!

The house lights dip, the scene is set. Two eyes, fierce teeth, a gnarled facade - the ancient claims his place. Enter his habitat. Survey his tracks. Assess for danger, assess the land.

From him, we hear no weeping, in spite of what humans do. We cry crocodile tears while hunting hides for handbags, adorning ourselves with his skin - we are nature's terror, his eternal fear.
The ancient knows his place.

Step beyond the stage and into the world of Caiman crocodilus. Trace his bloodline back through aeons, to earlier times, prehistoric ages - he is magnificent, a glorious performer in nature's great play.

Caiman crocodilus, is explored and celebrated. Step out of time, trace a path back to what was once there, before humanity was even a dream, and what still is – welcome, friend, and meet the ancient. 

​​​​​​​These images were created in front of an audience. All the colour and smoke you see was actually there. For me, the creation process is just as important as the finished product. This body of work mixes still images with live demonstration, education and performance art, all unravelling the crocodile's great mysteries.

Special thanks to Nick, Asa & Alex from the Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre for their support, Trevor Smith for his excellent ability with animals, his colleague, Rob Louth for putting his fingers in harm's way and to Sarah, Steve, Andy and Harry for their help on the day.


Animal Lectures #01 Caiman crocodilus

Animal Lectures #01 Caiman crocodilus

In Animal Lectures, a new project by animal fine art photographer Andrew McGibbon, created in partnership with the Horsney Town Hall Arts Centre, Read More