We in VideoGorillas are doing revolutionary app (as there are those who do something not revolutionary nowadays) that allows to stream live video right from your GoPro to the internet. And it is called LIVE4 GoPro. Here is the LIVE4 GoPro Android design.
These icons at the top were used to represent warnings and issues while connecting to GoPro or starting a new live stream with it.
100% Material Design even though it took a while and wasn't that easy to make the ideas of Google work on most devices (those, who haven't been updated to the latest Android version).
It's funny though how much I loved thinking of metaphors for empty states. The one on the top says you haven't shared any live streams yet.
Download the app and stream your own live streams with LIVE4 GoPro
Check the process of UI creation revealed in my blog post 'Thus the Icon Was Born'


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