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    Bringing the fresh details when redesigning weekly newspaper website and presence back in 2010
This is the project from the past. It was year 2010 and I was asked to help with refreshment of the website design and bringing more new and fresh things to the newspaper. This is the story about the start of the process.
For the 4th version of ZN.UA (and 3rd I made) redesigning logo was a must.
A lot of stuff was redesigned which lead to creation of the things that weren't formalized before, like media kits.
To make the online department editors feel more comfortable I wrote and designed a small booklet describing the changes and explaining that they were for good. It was about new grid, new picture sizes (back in 2010 it was very revolutionary to make article illustrations this big), media decoration and everything else.
There were a lot more things, including backgrounds and video openings rendered by awesome Eugen Pylinsky.
It's sad I couldn't find videos ;( But I will ;) Here are the sample designs used to start 4th version of ZN.UA based on tons of wireframes, really. That would ruin a forest or two if I wouldn't go paperless on that ;)
And all time classics—404 error page for the newspaper site.
There was also version 5 and now the guys are working on the 6th version I think. But it was fun and interesting. Back in 2010.
Please check this work in awesome HD quality on my site: