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Loft 9b ( photos, not 3D )
Interior Design
A small reconstructed loft in Sofia, Bulgaria with pieces of custom designed furniture.
Project : Dimitar Karanikolov | Veneta Nikolova
After several years living and working in London architect Dimitar Karanikolov and interior designer Veneta Nikolova moved back to Sofia, where they found a small but interesting attic apartment in a newly built development.They spent the next two years reconstructing the place,  designing furniture and experimenting
with details, and finishes.
A massive dark “cube” occupies the center of the living room, hiding the bathroom (which sits on the top of the building’s elevator shaft). The “cube” is clad in thin (16mm) custom made concrete panels that continue inside as well.
Since the development was set rather too close to the existing higher residential buildings privacy was a major issue. To solve this the entire apartment has been outlined with tall cantilevered aluminium planters - a green aura that surrounds the entire place and makes the terrace appear like a serene courtyard - completely sheltered from the outer world.
A space full with a lot of а carefully crafted details and surprises:
The wardrobe in the bedroom ( designed to look like an old suitcase ) hides a floor level build-in bathtub situated on a second level of the 4.5m space - an area which is used for a guest bedroom / bathing space.
The techniques used to create the wardrobe inspired the start of a new boutique furniture brand -
Air conditioner is concealed in a bespoke made wooden drawer.
Black metal panels encapsulate the ventilation system. Magnet-held Edison bulbs attached to the them, hang above the dining table.
An interior concept aiming at well-balanced hipster modernity garnished with pieces of vintage furniture and accessories.
custom furniture manufactured by Atanas Dimitrov | Valeri Tonkov
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Loft 9b ( photos, not 3D )
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Multiple Owners
Dimitar Karanikolov