Here we have my first new portfolio entry for 2015 and along with that fact it’s also part of the latest and 25th Exhibit of the Luminarium Artgroup. It’s certainly a little different from my usual Scifi explorations but I really like how this one turned out.

Originally I wanted to do a Scifi scene with this one. A couple of scientists exploring this cave, where some strange floating materials came from the depths. I quickly got away from the scientists and moved more into a fantasy realm with it. I’m not the best with fantasy and this project gave me at least a little bit room to play around in that field. In the end we have a lady, bravely standing on the edge of a cliff, playing with some cool magic skills. I could imagine that she’s training and testing herself there. And from what I can see it’s successful! I wouldn’t want to start a fight with her!

The inspiration for this picture came from a commission I had just finished around the same time. I found the idea of placing a scene in a cave like environment rather intriguing and played around with it until I found a good path to go with. Technically it’s again a mixture of Vue and Photoshop. I had a fun time in Vue finding a good and solid composition. DAZ Studio helped with creating the lady. Photoshop helped to combine all the different elements along with quite some overpainting and fixing that was necessary to make everything sit right in the picture.

Vue – DAZ Studio – Photoshop – 3607x5000px

The Luminarium's 25th Exhibit
Detail Captures
In the following pictures you can get a glimpse of the actual detail within the picture. It's ideal for a poster size print that reveals a lot of fine detail throughout the image.
Two Ladies
In the process of working on the character I tried out different poses to see what works best. Ultimately I kept the pose I started with since it's presence in the picture worked much better.
Starting Plates
Here we have a couple of Vue render plates I started the project with. When you compare these to the final picture you will imediately notice that a lot more elements were added throughout the creative process.
Thanks for your interest.