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    #mixcd10 -- design/package for a mix CD sent to 10 twitter folk.

Last April, @ableparris tweeted "It'd be cool to get 10 twitter folks to trade CDs with.  Who's in?"

Of course, from there it became more than just a CD to send off to a bunch of people.  It became a design challenge to create a CD cover and tracklist that would also function as an envelope for the CD to be mailed.  So I decided on a typographic design based on numbering.  I then printed the design and trimmed it down.  I folded the page almost in half with the design facing inwards and taped down the two sides.  I enclosed the CD and then folded the remaining flap over the top and secured that as well.  Flipped it over and slapped a stamp on it and sent it out. 

This was a really fun project and much kudos to Able Parris for the idea... Let me know what you think.