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    Poster for Lo-Lai Heritage Festival and Tournament
Lo-Lai Heritage Festival and Tournament 2009 Poster
Lo-lai is a made-up game invented by a group of Duke students over 50 years ago.  It is similar to wallball and played using a tennis ball, however it is also filled with many idiosyncratically unique twists.  Every two years some remaining local lo-lai players host an invitational tournament to bring back some old friends and reignite some rivalry on the court.  This year, in designing the poster, I drew inspiration from Olympic posters from the mid-century, pondering what an Olympic Lo-lai poster would look like if it had been included in, say, the 1964 Summer Games.  I simplified the figure of the main element of the game as it would hit in one of the two corner creases on a winning shot.  The logo and color scheme is also meant to evoke some history and nostalgia for the returning players, a lot of whom haven’t played the game for over 10 years.

For the lai players out there, or if you just like the poster, it's available at cafepress.