Connect: An Extranet Love Story

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  • Launched in 2002, it wasn’t retired until 2009. I remember someone coming up to me after I presented it for the first time at a global meeting saying, “Paul, I don’t think most of the people in the room understood what you were presenting. This is leaps and bound beyond anything we have now to access the knowledge of the network.”

    Connect was an extranet that “connected” 95 partners in 35 countries. It had more than 100 pages, most of which queried our custom databases for internal intelligence.

    The site was developed in-house with ColdFusion. Design. Database. HTML. The modularity of the design allowed for continuous expansion.

    In addition to design and development management, I handled the administration of the dedicated server.

    I had a love/hate relationship with this beast of a website, but it was one of the most significant relationships I’ve ever had with a website.