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    An unofficial, unlicensed logo designed for the Apple Store Quaker Bridge, to be used for internal communications.
The logo is unofficial and not trademarked. Its use is strictly prohibited.
Working in the Apple Store was a uniquely wonderful experience. I was a Creative, a personal trainer for members of the One-to-One program, which specializes in empowering users to get the most from their Apple devices, be it Mac or iOS. I spent eight years in that role, from September 2006 to August of 2014. I worked in three stores in that time — Freehold, Menlo Park, and Quaker Bridge — and the Quaker Bridge store will always be closest to my heart. Soon after its opening, a competition was held in-store for a logo to be used for internal communications. This was my entry.
The QB emblem features the classic Apple logo with the rainbow colors used prominently until 1998. Replacing the "bite" of the apple is the left side of the state of New Jersey's shape which also cuts into the side of the "QB," completing the image of the state in the negative space. The "QB" is set in Helvetica Neue Medium. The "tail" of the Q curves and to the left and ends in a dot, placed specifically over Princeton, NJ, the home location of the store.
The store is located in my backyard of Princeton, NJ, and caters to the local pharmaceutical industry as well as the prestigious academic institutions of Princeton University, Rider University, the College of New Jersey, and Rutgers University. It had taken years for a store to reach the area, but once it did the appreciation for its existence was always felt. It still fills me with pride to know that I was able to be a part of the opening crew that would deliver our revolutionary customer experience to a community who desperately wanted it.
The storefront of the Apple Store Quaker Bridge. Source: apple.com/quakerbridge