While other kids drew stick figures in high school, I drew the alphabet. Typography is a long-lasting fascination, and I was given the opportunity to produce a typeface for a film project. Following the theme of a dangerous demon-influenced gambler, "Faust," the typeface, was a labor of love.
A card-shaped poster was designed to illustrate the theme of the type as well as its practical purposes. A slightly modified version was also set to be the film's poster.
The text on the poster reads:
A devilish new font made for decoration and logo design. The roundish but conservative look is influenced by playing cards and the spirit of the devil's sport, gambling. It is in that spirit that this font may be best used. The backbone of this font was co-conceived with the help of Bodoni and Century Gothic typefaces. 
This poster was designed as a reference to the classical art found on the back of Hoyle playing cards. It includes a majority of the characters in various positions and rotations, but was produced without artificial scaling.