Experimental Lines

Recently I have began to appreciate tradition art more and more. This influence has turned my personal art style in a whole new direction. Pencil drawing has now become the corner stone to my creations. The freedom it gives me is amazing. My imagination and concepts feel freer to me now.

This project is all about my transition from digital art to mixed media creations. I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any questions or comment about my work please drop me a line ;)

Thanks a million,
Growing Up
Growing Up is an exploratory piece based on concept of plants and their strive to capture the light. Without light they cannot survive. With light they gain energy through the phenomena of photosynthesis.
Poison is a dynamic sketch that plays on nature's life cycle. Both Black Widow Spider and Ivy are poisonous. They are a dangerous aspect of the Mother Nature circle. 

This illustration was created from a hand drawn sketch which was photo-manipulated in Photoshop. 
Bio-Sight: The oxygen we breathe comes from plants. Through photosynthesis, plants take energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and water and minerals from the soil. Without plants we cannot breath.

It was this insight that was the inspiration for this art work. The concept was to create a 'Living, Breating Sketch'.
Growing Up - Close ups
Poison - Close ups
Bio-Sight - Close ups
Thank You!