"Housing +" is an idea that was developed by analyzing the city center of Subotica and contemporary context of housing in the 21st century. "The concept of „housing +” includes housing development through synergy with other types of activities as well as new housing models in response to the question of future urban development of the cities.
In relation to the micro-blocks and their specificities we have defined zones with special development strategies and design codes for each of them witch will be presented below.
1. CO-LIVING ZONE  - The revitalization of traditional urban life through the creation of neighborhoods with mix use concept where the primary function remains housing.
We have planned joint yard in order to create space for all groups of people (children, youth and senior citizens).
2. PUBLIC LIFE ZONE- exchange of goods, information and ideas.
In this zone we have planned integration of functions of commercial facilities, education, culture and housing for young people (maximum period of 5 years) in order to ensure constant vitality of the block and constant changes in user groups, which would avoid the phenomenon of gentrification.
3. WORK AND LIVING ZONE – integration of the office facilities, private apartments and commercial facilities.
This zone is located along the busiest city road and as such, it is an important point for the city center development and appearance.
4.RETAILERS ZONE - preserving environmental values of the Petra Drapšina street
The interpretation of the traditional commercial spirit in the contemporary context of entrepreneurship and creative industry.
5. ZONE OF HERITAGE - Promotion of historical and cultural heritage of Subotica
Urban renewal as a method that allows construction of new facilities in line with established rules. In order to emphasize the quality of existing facilities we have planned method of contrasts as one of the main rules. 
Team members:
Aleksandra Đorđević
Katarina Petrović
Nevena Balalić
Marina Ilić
Spasoje Radomilović
Miloš Grbić
Associate professor MA Uros Radosavljević