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Crime in Northern Italy | Visual Exploration
Project selected and published on ADI Design Index 2015 - Targa Giovani.
M.Sc Thesis - Master in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano.
The phenomenon of organized crime in Italy is current and urgent.
The project, a visual analysis of organized crime in Northern Italy, aims to be a valuable tool to support the study of the phenomenon, providing to the users (journalists and academics) the ability to analyze the data extracted from the annual reports of the Direzione Nazionale Antimafia.
The extractions of data were made possible thanks to the collaboration with Institute of computational linguistics "Antonio Zampolli" and ItaliaNLP Lab.
The research covers the time period between 2000 and 2012 and allows for the analysis of trends and changes over time in nine provinces in Northern Italy.
The design process was characterized by a continuous and constant dialogue with the users, so as to evaluate the usefulness, clarity and value of the project in all its phases.
Project conceived and designed by Federica Fragapane.
Data extraction by ItaliaNLP Lab.
Supervisor: Paolo Ciuccarelli
Extracted terms - an example
All the names
All the names - order by frequency
People - geographical view, 2000
People - geographical view, 2003
People - geographical view, 2004
People - geographical view, 2012
Show - connections
People - temporal view
People - temporal view, zoom
All the groups - chronological order
Order - by frequency
All the groups - order by number of terms
Groups by year, 2004
Selection of a term
Groups by year, 2007
Groups by year, 2008
Groups by year, 2012
All the terms - order by crime
All the terms - order by frequency
Selection of a crime
Crimes - geographical view, 2004
Crimes - geographical view, 2007
Crimes - geographical view, 2012
Crimes - temporal view
Crime in Northern Italy | Visual Exploration

Crime in Northern Italy | Visual Exploration

My M.Sc Thesis. Visual analysis of organized crime in Northern Italy.