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    You Are Here: Mapping the Possibilities
You Are Here: Mapping the Possibilities
Editorial design
Student Work Winter 2010

The objective of this course was to design a zine-like book. To design this book, a hand-made approach was taken. Except for the body copy, all illustrations, collages, imagery, and design elements were created off the computer.

Because of my interest in maps, I decided to focus my zine on the many kinds of maps, varying in degrees of seriousness. The zine was split in thirds, with the serious maps/mapping placed first, the interesting and unusual maps/mapping placed second, and the crazy and questionable maps/mapping placed third. The articles and maps that I included ranged from Mogg's Cab Maps, to mapping the pattern that our eyes make in looking at a painting, to a map of fallen fruit, and to a centuries-old made up/fictional map that was created by a mischievous man.

**This book is featured on Graphis New Talent 2012.
The intro
The index
Close-up of previous spread