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    Left Behind: Abandoned Houses
Left Behind: Abandoned Houses
Publication Project
Student Work Spring 2011

The objective of this course was to design a book based on one of a few limited choices. I was immediately captivated by the subject of abandoned houses, and chose to focus my book on that. However, before I could explore the dilapidated beauty of the abandoned houses, I had to find them and try to obtain permission to enter the houses. This project was very challenging, but exciting.

The title for my book is meant to point to the fact that the houses had been left behind and abandoned, and also to the many household items in the houses, that had been left behind as well. Because of the aged and dilapidated appearance of the houses, my objective was to evoke that dilapidated appearance in my book design. I chose to scan and manipulate the pages of an old book of mine, to add that aged element to my book. However, because of the signs of life (green vines climbing through ramshackle walls,etc.), I decided I needed to have a modern and clean book layout.

**Featured in Graphis New Talent 2012.
**Featured in the Creative Summit 26th annual show.
**Awarded the Coveted Memorial Ralph Award at Creative Summit 26th annual show.
The book cover
The introduction
The first house
The notebook that was left behind in the first house.