STAR12: Project Awesome
Project Summary
This was a hypothetical project aimed at internal stakeholders to get them excited about the possible future of our subscription-based web app, STAR12. 
UX Planning Questionnaire
What problem are we trying to solve? 
Create a more modern SaaS learning solution that can be accessed on any device and any platform and is a delight to use.
Why are we trying to solve this problem?
High level: For increased sales, engagement, and renewals.
Who are we trying to solve it for?
STAR12 prospects and subscribers.
Where will the solution live?
Designed to replace the current version (as of 2013) of the site/app.
How will we know the solution works?
When engagement is up, analytics on mobile usage is up, and renewals are up.
Nicknamed Project Awesome, it was intended to reach three specific goals:
1. Responsive Implementation
2. Content First
3. A More App-like Experience

Responsive Implementation.
Learning anytime, anywhere. We won’t tell you when or where to learn. You can access STAR12 on any web-enabled platform or device.

Content First.
We put a focus on the content so you can engage without unnecessary distractions. Special care was taken to select a more optimal font-size for better reading. The hierarchy of information was established from the body copy out, improving the overall scanability and clarity of content. The main content area itself can also be expanded with a collapsable side navigation bar.  

A More App-like Experience.
It’s not a website, it’s an app. If it walks like an app and quacks like an app, it should look the part. We pulled from design patterns that are more common in application interfaces rather than reverting to a conventional website experience. This is your learning application and it should feel like it when you log in.
Additional Info
As this was’t a fully sanctioned project and more of an internal pitch, we limited the initial designs to the first step any user must take before engaging the content: Find Content. Illustrated in these screens are the Search Results as they would be presented to the user after making a Keyword Search. Users can likewise find content through ZIP Code Search, Browse by Topics, and Browse by Formats.
Check out the prototype here.
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STAR12: Project Awesome

STAR12: Project Awesome

A responsive reimagination of the STAR12 web app.

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