STAR12: Roster Tool
Project Summary
The Roster Tool was created for checking in attendees at live seminars. Formerly an iOS application, it was decided to port it into the STAR12 web application for better exposure to the subscription based services and tighter governance over the digital properties.
UX Planning Questionnaire
What problem are we trying to solve? 
Keep a accurate record of those who attended live in-person training.

Why are we trying to solve this problem?
For faster, more efficient check-ins and demonstrate the subscription-based digital product. Process was formerly done on paper, so the use of modern technology gives the brand a more up-to-date impression.

Who are we trying to solve it for?
Live In-Person Trainers & Training Assistants

When does the user need the solution?
At the beginning of a live in-person event, specifically for taking attendance.

Where will the solution live?
Within the Reports & Tools functionality of the STAR12 web application.

How will we know the solution works?
When attendence is reported by the end of the day with accurate information including walk-ins and substitutions.
View the prototype here.
Event List
Event Summary
Attendee Roster
Attendee Check In
Attendee Substitution
Attendee No Show
Add Attendee (Walk-In)
Roster Tool Production Final
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STAR12: Roster Tool

STAR12: Roster Tool

Web-based attendance tool for live in-person training.

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