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    illustrations for a learning system and software
Illustrations for KnowledgePulse
Knowledge Pulse is a learning system and software program developed and provided by Research Studios Austria, designed for companies and organizations to make the learning, training and administration process of knowledge acquisition more simple and more effective. Learning becomes easier for individuals by means of repetition, breaking down the learning content into small units and learning cards and using a push and pull system. KnowldegePulse tracks the users learning progress, gives reports and stats and provides simple content generation. (More info here.)

I was asked to do Illustrations for web and print that bring the benefits of KnowledgePulse across and liven up the content.
use of KP in everyday life - at the workplace and on the go
overworked employees with little time for learning
showing the problem - traditional learning material gets forgotten
learning made easy - step by step
sketches and final negativ (stressed, uninformed, clueless) positiv (confident, wellinformed, KP) employee
negativ (stressed, worried) positiv (confident, KP) trainer and sketches for female version
push and pull - software pops up
easy administration
Forgetting Curve after Ebbinghaus - showing how fast one forgets content