character and background designs for a kids' tv show
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    character and background designs
Designs for a short about CO2
studio soi - german kids' tv show 'Löwenzahn', ZDF

Character and Background Designs for a short by studio soi about CO2 and the greenhouse effect for the german kids' tv show 'Löwenzahn' (ZDF).
O2 and CO2 getting along and having fun
Mr. Pump is pumping air-bubbles 
Mr. Pump is pumping air-bubbles and shows how breathing and photo synthesis  works, that CO2 is produced by all living things and not naturally a bad thing - only when there is too much of it thanks to e.g. hungry power plants, airplanes, motorized vehicles and fat ships...
breathing in and out


--- Backgrounds ---

air bubble world
too much CO2
r: skecthes for 3D-model-sun - when switched on starts shooting rays
Characters for a short about the history of waste
studio soi - german kids' tv show 'Löwenzahn', ZDF
Sketches of characters for a short that tells the history of waste with the help of a family and a ragman.
Those 'floating head' designs were sadly rejected because considered to be 'too spooky' by the client and also a more hand drawn version was requested.