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    Wayfinding strategy and design for Moscow's premier concept department store.
Wayfinding and signage for Moscow's newest premier department store.
Tsvetnoy’s quirky department store style is an unusual one in the Russian market. To complement its modern style, our brief was to design a system which is informative enough to prevent visitors from getting lost, but not explicit enough so that they arrive at their chosen destination without firstly exploring other concessions on offer. 

Covering all levels of the store, our design incorporates all wayfinding elements in a way which bends the principles of best navigation practice to create an interesting visual style. The architecture of the building inspired the level directories, where each one represents a facet upon its mountain like exterior. 

Our solution has been extremely well received for managing to balance an exciting and artistic look with being a functional wayfinding system. Although not completely straightforward, it does aid visitors in their navigation of the site.