Character concept to be used as part of a highly academic program - they want the shark to make reading look cool but classy and sophisticated. The shark may have some human qualities like lounging in a chair or wearing clothes, but not required. Needs to be cool like Joe Camel. Muscular build (but not bulging muscles). Cool look on his face - not aggressive like a typical shark, but cool. Needs to appeal to kids age 5 to 13. Know that younger kids look up to older kids, so it should appeal to the 10-13 year old more than the 5 year old. There are negative connotations to "shark" that they want to avoid. They do not want him to look aggressive, and they don't want him to look shady (like a loan shark or a pool shark). Joe Camel looks a little shady (especially with the cigarette), but generally, he is "cool".