RM Regular Ltd Ed A2 Poster

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  • R M   R E G U L A R   T Y P E   S P E C I M E N  P O S T E R
    ---Limited Edition A2 screen print

  • An A2 type specimen poster designed to showcase RM Regular - Mash Creatives first font.
    Screen printed edition of 50 x A2 posters on 270gsm GF Smith purple colorplan. Printed two colour in silver and white ink, each print is hand numbered and signed by Mark Bloom -  founder of Mash Creative and designer of the RM Regular font and type specimen poster. Expertly screen printed by Dan Mather.
    Priced at £30 inclusive of P&P. Posters can be purchased online at BLANKA

  • RM Regular Type Specimen Poster / £30.00
  • RM Regular Type Specimen poster / £30.00
  • Posters priced at £30 inclusive of P&P and can be purchased online from BLANKA