Merging together can be awkward. So when Machine merged with French group Publicis Worldwide we thought to ourselves, "what better way to overcome this, than with a kiss?".
It is after all, a very French way of greeting. We've never shied away from pushing boundaries and doing things differently. So why would we approach our press release any different? We shot provocative and beautifully 
images of Publicis and Machine agency folk lip-locked in a warm embrace. We also applied a French twist to the rest of the campaign elements. Internally, it was a chance to overcome and break down the awkwardness. Externally, we were two agencies making out to become one. 
French Kiss Shoot
French Kiss Posters
Web Page Takeovers
French Kiss Microsite
LeWozà Posters
Internally, posters were released that announced LeWozà - the internal launch of the Publicis Machine brand and a good chance to get better acquainted with one another.
Internal Invite
leMints - Pucker up
Custom mints were designed to hint at hijinks to follow at LeWozà. 
You’re invited to Le Wozá, a celebration of joining as one with our French Connection, Publicis.
As we are now half French, we will be kissing at regular intervals… When we say hi. When welcoming new people. When toasting using our own beer. When we dance. When we say goodbye. When we blink our blurry eyes and realize that we’re inside L’Evól.
Throw in a hat or a cravat perhaps.
Just be a little French for merde sakes.
Bisous, bisous!
A special beer was selected that captured both MACHINE and Publicis’ spirit. LeBeer was introduced at LeWozà and also given to clients around the launch date.

Agency: PublicisMachine
Creative Director: Jake Bester / Gareth McPherson
Art Direction: Joshua Foster / Nicole Dalton
Design: Nicole Dalton / Joshua Foster
Copywriter: Giran Adams / Jake Bester
Developers: Michael Celliers / Dustin Silk
Photography: ELFORD / DE LA FORÊT
Video Editior: Natalie Grassman
French Kiss by PublicisMachine