BOLDSEN Packs for You
A service concept for goods handeling for plumbers
BOLDSEN Packs for You is a service concept developed for the danish plumbing wholesaler BOLDSEN. The concept increases the competitiveness by moving the customers focus from the price on the goods to the service levels.

When plumbers are doing major projects with e.g. renovation of 60 apartments the goods can be divided into categories based on assignments and where they will be installed: e.g. bathroom and kitchen. When using this service the customers will packages based on this division in a container at the building site furnished to support the service. This creates an overview for the customers and makes it easier than today where they reorganize the goods on site to match the jobs to be completed.

The service has a core - dividing goods in to packages based on jobs to be completed - and a number of supporting services. The central aspects of the service has been designed into detail.

BOLDSEN Packs for You takes its offset directly in the plumbers daily way of working thus improving the efficiency. 

During the development of the concept a continuous involvement of critical stakeholders at BOLDSEN made it possible to tailor the service to them based on their ressources and possibilites. 
A short movie (in danish) to illustrate the service concept. Rough videosketches of service concepts was used to support the dialoque with users and BOLDSEN during the project.
User scenario with the service elements highlighted in blue.
As a supporting service, we created a service overview that can be hung at pinboards in the plumbing companies.
We used days together with the plumbers on site to get insights into how they work and what is value for them.
The first part of the Service Blueprint used to detail the service proces and develop the support system.
To kick off the project a design game was used to unveil critical business insights.