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    HomePilot is a system for controlling floor heating in private homes. The project is made in collaboration with Danfoss.
HomePilot is a control system for floor heating in private homes that makes it easy for users:
"I know what to do, how to do it and what happens when I do it!".

The system is specified on an overall level, while the control unit has been detailed for both user interface and
product design and production.
The user friendly central unit provides the user with relevant and instant guides as well as feedback on all actions. The rooms in the house are grouped into categories, which makes it easier to adjust the temperature in more rooms at a time. A simplified illustration of the system provides the user with an immediate understanding of the alarms. Besides this the central unit estimates how long time is takes to heat up a group/category.

HomePilot is the result of a school project made in collaboration with Danfoss and based on their Design Line Standard. The process included both considerations about users, sales, production and competitive positioning.
The main display with colours and icons.

An exploded view of the product.
Here you can see how the system is scattered across the house.
This photo os from one of the user studies illustrating how a user has tried to understand the system.
Desktop walkthroughs was used in the project to develop the concept.