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I have long been interested in the world of optical illusions, I have dealt four years with the subject in greater depth. My work combines geometric moire pattern with an optical illusion. The two dimensional space can be decomposed into geometric shapes, which gives the basis for the poster. Which is based on the lattice structure, which splits the space and then compiles it again. We have two planes and the resulting illusion can only be perceived with the aid of the third dimension. The distorting effect of the space creates an image that shows a change when being observed from different directions.
A lattice with a changing line thickness and curly, wavy forms.
The poster consists of two layers. The typography takes place on the base layer ande the grid is on the transparent foil top layer.
The letters build up from basic geometrical shapes. The word 'perception' refers to the visual illusion which gives the base of the poster.

If you move in front of the poster the typo will appear.