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    Press Photography, Moodgadget Artists.
The following are selections from photo shoots I've done in the last year, many of which have been used as artist photos in interviews, features on other websites/periodicals, etc.  I am in love with film, lomography, abstract photography, and imagery that properly conveys the character of the artist-- either through hue, focus, exposure, texture, composition or even pose. 

I try to apply as organized a procedure as necessary for a medium that's as fickle as this.  I tell artists that my process is as exciting as it is unpredictable, "like f&%$ing while white water rafting."  We often shoot through multiple rolls for an entire day for that one great photograph.
Mux Mool, Bowery Station, New York City. (2009)
Body Language, Navy Yard, Brooklyn.  (2009)
Body Language, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. (2009)
Mux Mool, Inciting HQ, Philadelphia.  (2008)
D. Gookin, Inciting HQ, Philadelphia. (2008)
Ryan Cavanagh (Addled, Slow Hands), one-half of Worst Friends, Inciting HQ, Philadelphia. (2008)
Worst Friends (also used for Tom Croose), Inciting HQ, Philadelphia.  (2008)
Mux Mool, Macri Park, Brooklyn. (2009)
Matt Young of Body Language and Landau Orchestra, Hugs, Brooklyn. (2009)